Monday, June 21, 2021

Change Your Password - NOW!

I didn't want to change my password.  It was a unique set of letters and numbers and symbols, one that I've used for my banking,and only my banking, forever.

The system was not amused.  It demanded a change.

I tried to click through and continue as I always have.  No dice.  The computer was relentless.

Your security of of primary importance to us.  Changing your password (to one I haven't used before and will never remember again but they don't care about that) will insure the integrity of your account.

No one has ever questioned the integrity of my account.  Its behavior has been beyond reproach.  And yet, because their system demands it, that which has been working just fine, thank you very much, has to change.

I don't like change.  Especially when things are going along so well.  But what I like doesn't seem to matter.

The screen was insistent.  It would not be ignored.  

The new password is easy enough for anyone who knows me to guess.  I hope that I am in that category next time I log in.  

Yes, I've written it down, but doesn't that defeat the purpose of keeping it secret?  A remote hacker would gain access easily no matter how obscure a password I chose.  Someone breaking into my house would find the little post it note pretty easily, too.

And so, I bid a fond farewell to that which had served me, competently, quietly, without drama or angst, for lo these many years.  



  1. Oh I hate that too! I tend to use numbers and symbols to replace certain letters, and sometimes (OK, often!) I use the sentence "this sucks" as a password, only with some numbers and symbols thrown in as letter substitutes.

    1. I was going to use something along those lines, but raunchier!

  2. I have to wonder why it is easier to get into my bank account than it it is to sign into my cable account. Why is cable a matter of such grave security. I write passwords down and I have the computer save them and I still get the "wrong user name or password" message way, way too often. I t is maddening.

    1. Wrong user name makes me nuts. Was it my email? My whole name? GRRRRRR


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