Wednesday, June 2, 2021

The Infrastructure King

South Bend was a dying community.  Mayor Pete turned the main street from an approach road to the highway to a pedestrian friendly shopping district, and downtown is now a destination. 

He also created the most wonderful playground I've ever seen.  Soft ground over acres of accessible to everyone equipment,  none of which was too hot or too high or too scary,  all of which was just right.... for everyone.... even Grampa. 
As Secretary Pete,  he's certainly the right man for reimagining our nation's infrastructure.  South Bend is the proof. 


  1. That is comforting. I see things moving in a better direction in spite of continued craziness on the fringes.

    1. South Bend is a great example of a city headed in the right direction. All kinds of folks, appropriately distanced and quite friendly.


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