Wednesday, March 3, 2021

This Is Our Nation's Capitol

Brother is one of my favorite correspondents.  I've shared his thoughts and pictures before, in stories that were uplifting if, at times, unsettling.  This one is just unsettling.

I'll comment on all this tomorrow.  For now, I'll let his words and photos tell the story.


I took a tour of DC last Thursday, 2/26/2021. First time I was in The District since January, 2020. Wanted to see the fence before March Fourth (the day of big parades).

Getting off I-395 to go to the Capitol past the Rayburn Building, 

you can’t go there.  Detours send you back to the highway unless you ignore the detour signs and know the other way around.

There are heavily armed National Guardsmen in camo inside the fence. They are spaced about 100 feet apart all the way around all the fences everywhere.  You can hear them talking. They are bored. So are the many DC cops interspersed among the Guard.

The unclimbable fence extends for miles.
It is difficult to get a grip on the fence, but specialized hooks will overcome the close spacing.
Kevlar blankets will overcome the razor wire.  

Large trucks are effective in blocking access. 

Nothing will overcome fire from the M16’s and long guns inside the fence.

At the photo op church across from Lafayette Plaza, it appears that Jesus needs protective fencing too.

Black Lives Matter Plaza is two blocks north of the White House and best visible from the sky.

There is plenty of parking at $2.30 an hour (the National Park Service pay station thanks you for your “donation”).

I want my city back.


  1. It looks like a war zone --sadly. This is what having made America great again means? And there are too many people okay with it?

    1. Olga, it's as if you live in our heads! "Great"..... not so much.

  2. The former president unleashed a whirlwind. Militia groups are newly forming and are on the rise. The danger continues. I'm not quite sure what danger the militia groups are trying to protect us from while we have to protect ourselves from them.

    People are stupid.

    1. The Fairness Doctrine. Citizens United. Rush Limbaugh and Steve Bannon.


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