Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Answering Karina's Question

Karina Bland met us after I was perforated.  She felt like an old friend after 10 minutes.  Her writing hit no sour notes.  She wants TBG after I'm through with him.  Her weekly email of Things I Meant to Tell You brightens my inbox and sends me, via links, on a deep dive through her family and friends and social issues presented with a human touch.  If I'd taken a different career path, I'd be her.

So, when this morning's newsletter wondered what will you feel safe doing once you’ve been fully vaccinated? I started my list and sent it to her.  Here's an expanded version.

I made all my appointments - eyes, hearing aids, haircut.  My super suit (what Karina called her vaccinated self) doesn't work without the nano technology embedded by others.

As soon as their parents are (I almost wrote SHOT.....oy vey) vaccinated we are on our way to Indiana to hug the grandkids.  Alert Guinness; a record will be set. I may never let go of Little Cuter.

After Scarlet gets her 2nd dose, we will sit at her big table instead of across town from each other, and play mahjong with real tiles instead of moving them with a cursor on our screens, our phones turned off instead of connected to Duo. 

Lady Jane is two weeks behind me, but soon we will stroll arm and arm into Scordato's, and ask Brett, our favorite waiter, about his daughter, ask Brandi, our 2nd fav, about her not so little any more newborn from last Spring, and eat fresh from the oven pizzas.  Neither of us love the phone; we have 13 months of detailed news to share.

Fresh from the oven pizza is only the beginning - hamburgers topped with goodies from the sports bar around the corner, scrambled eggs and english muffin from our breakfast go-to spot , and french fries and chicken salad sandwiches at Wildflower.

Movies?  Maybe The Loft, Tucson's art theater, where the audience skews older and are probably vaccinated.  I'm still not over my Aurora Shooting Terror and don't know when I'll feel okay about going to a multi-plex.  At least I can't blame that on COVID.

Shopping?  Quick trips to the grocery store are a given; picking my own fruit has been a goal since March, 2020.  Costco, with its high ceilings and giant spaces, is tempting. Walmart's curbside pick up system is easy to use and saves me money since I'm not tempted by the children's clothes and the brightly colored gym shorts favored by SIR. I think I'll avoid going into Alan's Shoes and Bed Bath and Beyond and other places I'd have browsed without intention in the Before Times.  No need to expose myself when there's no need.  I'll focus on filling needs first.  Strolling mindlessly will be confined to the great outdoors.

And that's the difference.  I'm bringing a mindful mindset to rejoining the world. 


  1. My husband, sister and bro-in-law were all able to get a J&J vaccine, there were leftovers at my niece's pharmacy and no arms, so we drove to Sun City Albertson's for injections. I get my second Pfizer on Tuesday. Then in a few weeks we will all be able to get together, safely, and hug. I am so excited. I really miss my family.

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