Friday, July 17, 2020


I have so many plans.  I haven't had any plans for so very long and now I have so many plans.

I am taking an on-line course from Cornell's summer program.  The lectures and videos could consume half the day, if I let them.  The reading could take up the rest.  But I've read the text several times before, and the videos are History channel and the animated Mythic Warriors - interesting in their own right but not worthy of more of my time today.

I have plans.

I found a book on my Kindle; its origin is a mystery to me.  It could be an Amazon Prime New Reads freebie, or a book I had on hold from the library.  It doesn't matter.  I started it after checking in with my course (no comments in the Discussions so I moved on) and finished it before TBG and I swam this afternoon. The characters were in the water with me.

It's November Road by Lou Berney.  A fixer with a heart, a woman on the lam, and the murder of JFK kept me in my chair, with only a quick break for lunch.  I almost forgot I had plans.

Now, after I finish writing to you, we'll FaceTime with the grandchildren, then Zoom with Dr K and Not-Kathy and Fast Eddie and JannyLou, because it's too damn hot to sit outside in the driveway or on the patio.  I'll have to think about what to wear; this is as close to "going out" as it gets these days.

A fast dinner and then Trivia, again on Zoom, with Big Cuter and Queen T and their very very very smart friends will round out the evening.  

So many plans.  So very odd.

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