Friday, July 24, 2020

Have a Nice Weekend

It would help if something happened.

I've spent some time helping to bridge the digital divide, trying to figure out on-line gardening, and fertilizing my roses and containers during the lovely rainstorm this morning.

I read a little, exercised a little, ate a little and cooked even less.  For excitement, I ordered two Brain Quest workbooks for FlapJilly.

I watched a lot of talking heads, and noticed that Chasten and Peter Buttigieg sit in the exact same chair when they are being interviewed, whether for Joy Reid or Time Magazine.  I finished a baby blanket while listening to the yammering... it all sounds like yammering to me right now.

It was a stellar day in Covid Land;  everyone I love is safe and healthy.  Sending protective vibes your way, denizens.  I'm going to spend the weekend imagining that Little Cuter and I live in Portland, and that we've spent the last few nights in bicycle helmets and swim goggles and yellow t-shirts, standing as a buffer between Trump's hooligans and the protesters. 

It's been a stellar day.


  1. So far, so good on the Covid front. I Just discovered that 20 ounces of hand sanitizer that I overpaid for were made in Mexico from methanol, which is toxic. If you don't have Purell or some other known brand, check the FDA website to see if perhaps you have the bad stuff.

    1. Oh dear!!! Toxic hand sanitizer..... what else?!?!? Stay safe; I don't want to lose any readers :-)

    2. Well there is that case of bubonic plague discovered in Navajo County. What's next? Locusts?

    3. Did you see the black sludge coming down the washes from Mt. Lemmon after the fire?


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