Thursday, July 30, 2020

I Shopped at Costco Today

Actually, My Young Friend was the physical presence in the store.  I was available for consultations by telephone while she took my list and my Costco Visa card and walked the aisles. 

It was fun to imagine the store in my head as I organized the list for her.  I went down the outside aisle, rejecting the clothes and furniture and, I'm sure, Christmas decor on the right, and the tools and practical supplies on the left.  I sent her straight to the drink section, where we got to work. 

I wanted sparkling water, but in bottles not in cans.
 I knew that the bottle had green writing on it, but it's not Perrier.
 It's Italian, but the Kirkland brand.
 Oh wait!!! I see it!!!!!
Success is measured differently during a pandemic.  We were ecstatic.  

From there, things went smoothly.  The mini heads of romaine, one of which is just enough for the two of us as an appetizer (or, lately for TBG, as dessert), were unavailable, but these were just fine.
I didn't care if the eggs were organic; they are cage free and that's good enough for me. 
The flat of peaches and the loaves of Tillamook cheddar, the bag of sweet onions and the one of very sweet oranges navel (a cry from the Marin Farmer's Market, sent with love to my little girl), and the rotisserie chicken (only one, thank you) were much simpler.

After a phone call from the store to verify the fact that My Young Friend was authorized to shop for me and to use my credit card ( a delightfully friendly call, from an overworked but cheerful woman who thanked me for helping her...... which made no sense since she was keeping me safe), my entire list was delivered and placed just inside my doorway, and I had a chance to check in with my personal shopper.  

It's those intermittent yet personal moments that I miss.  But before I could sink into a funk, I looked at the picture My Young Friend sent me the first time she Pandemic Shopped for us:
Things could be worse.  They were.  Then, they were better for a little while, and now we are careening toward FlapJilly's disastrophe.... a disaster and a catastrophe rolled up into one.  

But I'm not going to concentrate on that right now.  It will get me nowhere, just as listening to Bill Barr was more painful than it was worth. (Thank you, @JoyceWhiteVance, for tweeting the highlights and saving my sanity.)  

Instead, I'm going to smile as I look at a full pantry, a sunny sky, and the face of the sweetest 6 year old birthday girl I know.  It's a much healthier place to be.
Self Portrait by FlapJilly
July, 2020


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