Monday, July 13, 2020

I Have My Desk Back

It started at just before Thanksgiving, when I paid the last set of bills due before the holidaze began.  I created a file to hold my receipts and wish lists, but found that most everything I did was online, and printing out paperwork was redundant and wasteful.

When packages arrived, I opened and recycled the envelopes and boxes, stacked the gifts in appropriate piles, and put the invoices in the manila envelope designed to hold such things.
Guests arrived. Gifts arrived.  Thank you notes were required, so a pile was started in one corner of the desk, designed to hold such things.

Then the library turned into a bedroom and the desk was where I tossed things I didn't want to lose.... all atop one pile on one side, rising precariously out of the wire mesh in/out box, which was designed to hold such things, only not as many of them as were added.

It went on like this after the guests left in early January.  I took my time taking down the decorations, and TBG didn't seem to mind the memories they sparked.  Organizing my thank you's and returning that which did not work/fit/appeal and getting ready to reopen the school garden after winter break took all my time. 

The desk kept getting worse. 
Yes, the chair was involved as well.

Bills come electronically.  The printer broke sometime after quarantine began so I couldn't add anything on my end, but the USPS kept sending items which I opened and tossed onto the pile... the one designed, at this point, to collect such things.

Then Big Cuter brought his sweetheart for a mid-isolation vacation, and she needed the library and desk to continue to be productive. 

I had no choice.  I found 3 boxes - garbage, recycle, and deal with later.  Everything else went to its proper file/drawer/room/shelf.  In one long morning, I reduced the pile to this.

And now I am sitting at my desk, which I've not done in six months or more, watching the weather come in acrfoss the mountains.  It's good to be back.


  1. Congratulations on reclaiming your desk. Desks are dangerous, too much horizontal space for paper to accumulate.

    1. SOOOOOOOOO dangerous! I am trying to commit to cleaning up before I leave. WSe shall see. Right now I'm staring at a pile of photos, an empty yogurt container, today's newspaper, a picture I want to send to Big Cuter and Queen T, and my books for the on-line class I'm taking from Cornell. I will not leave until it is all properly disposed of.

      At least, that is the plan.


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