Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Watching the Dermocrats Debate

I've had a hard time watching the debates.  There have been so many of them.  But I answered a call on my cell phone that put a different spin on things. 

TBG and I were on the couch, watching HBO's John Adams while digesting lunch.  My purse was on the coffee table, my phone was in my purse, the volume was up, and we both heard it ring.  This unusual confluence of events caused me to swipe to take the call, even though the number was unknown to me.

It was just a reflex.  

Ray was on the other end of the phone, calling from Mike Bloomberg's campaign, wondering if I wanted to attend a Debate Watch Party at Gentle Ben's on Wednesday night.

"Will you be feeding us?" 

"Oh, Suzi, there's always food!"

I signed up, knowing that my friends who are making ads for his campaign will probably be there, enjoying the fact that "the event will happen, even though we don't know that Mike will be on the stage.  

We're committed to supporting the nominee, whoever it is," he went on, talking about the "opportunity for Democrats to get together" as if it were a natural thing to do.  Would that that were the case, I thought, and then smiled at the notion of doing something to make it so.

The DNC is in total disarray; don't get me started on the mess to come in Nevada's caucuses.  But a gathering of like-minded people who are invested in the process and whose differences are really only at the margins sounded like fun.

Plus, there would be food.

Because Bloomberg knows technology better than anyone else running (except, perhaps, for Trump's minions), by the time I put my phone back in my purse Lenore the Lenovo showed me an email, thanking me, by name, for signing up, and ending with this:
Validated parking for the event will be in the U of A Tyndall Garage 
Food, drink, and parking? It seems that I will be happily helping Mike spend his money all the way to November 3rd.


  1. Have you been following his record on women, other races, even the non disclosure agreements which Elizabeth Warren said he should free the women from? Can someone really buy this election with enough money and free food? I read this morning that Bernie had 17,000 come to his rally in Tacoma. He has a lot of fans online (I know this from FB). Do you think they will come out to vote for a billionaire who bought his way into this? Bloomberg is all the things they detest. I don't really think Bloomberg will get it but if voters can be bought, I could be wrong. I've seen his ads. Who can avoid them but they really are just about Mike can get it done. What would that be? No more big drinks? More frisking after he said he knew he'd made a mistake? I am really feeling glad I stopped being a democrat and am unaffiliated. I get it that the party heads will want him because of his money and they can then use their donations for the House and Senate. But if he gets in, what will Americans get-- besides he's not Trump. Actually, his record on what he's said before he started to run-- he is Trump just with different issues.

  2. I should have added that if Democrats care most and want someone who can beat Trump, I'd suggest they look harder at Klobuchar.

  3. It sounds like a good event, even if you don't end up supporting Mike.
    I have watched all of the debates so far, but this one on Thursday conflicts with a soccer match I really need to watch. I might record the debate just to see how Mike does, since I have not seen him before. I am not likely to support him, but you know, you gotta be informed.

    1. Good for you! You have a stronger stomach for it than I do!

  4. I think you are right about Amy Klobuchar, although she has “issues”, too. Anyone who has been around a while will stumble..it is the Democrats real talent to eat their young.

    Bernie is also New Democrat. Bloomberg was a R3publucan bc the NYC Dems wouldn’t let him run for Mayor. He’s a crass New Yorker... I get it. Those who lived in the city say he was a great mayor, who turned the city around.

    He’s right here n my two main issues - gun safety and reproductive rights - and he’s put his [earned, not inherited or the result of speaking fees to curry favor) $ where his mouth is, and his power and person, too.

    I believe him when he says he’s in it til Nov, no matter who his $ will promote.

    And Anyone But Trump works for me ��

  5. You might find there are worse things than a Republican who you disdain if you help elected a Democrat with the same issues...


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