Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Gardening on a Windy Wednesday

Everyone was wearing a jacket, and everyone wanted to dig.
The kindergarten decided, once again, that the entry to the Garden was the perfect place for a hole.
The big kids filled it in, tamping it down with the shovel until I encouraged them to stomp it. 
"Yes, you can stomp, too," is hard to say with a straight face.

As always, there was weeding in The Forbidden Area.
Most of the gardeners remembered to stay clear of the saguaros' spiny protrusions and were able to pull out the mustard which had gone to flower and which, since it's "a plant in the wrong place," is, by definition, a weed.  

Our friend at Rillito Nursery bought us a container of lady bugs.
I'm going back this evening to release them according the instructions.  By then, they should have recovered from the dance party the 2nd grade had with them.  I was very grateful for their well-constructed container.

As always, there were scallions to be eaten..... some a lot longer than others.
The Lorax Garden has delicious Dinosaur Kale 
which made these scholars very, very happy.
There was a lot of happy going around today.

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