Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Independent Gardeners

 Our old, patched together, still-leaky hose was a tangled mess until I set these two to its unwinding.
 The ground was covered with leaves and branches and random rocks until this crew got to work.
  With temperatures in the mid-40's, it took a leap of faith and the world's most plaintive Please!!  before I turned on the water.  But the new hose and nozzle were just soooooo attractive, and he promised that the plants and not his shoes would be his target, and because, because he's an experienced Garden Leader, nary a drop went astray. 
 Our thank-you-USDA/UA -for-your-grant wall is the result of my request for something wonderful
created on the outside of our garden wall.  These two assured me that they could be trusted out there, and I knew that they could.  

The whole morning, was like that - young humans going about their business, asking permission when necessary, making decisions on their own, competently spending my favorite day of the week is Wednesday because we have Garden Club together.  

It's a happy place.

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