Friday, February 28, 2020

The Novel Coronavirus - A Snippet

Now people are turning up without any connection to a known vector of the virus.

I've learned that a pandemic has three components and that this novel coronavirus has met two of them..... so far.

I've learned that Donald Trump can make even disease all about him, and his wonderfulness.  We let him into the living room tonight for the first time in a long time and were, once again, stunned by his absolute refusal to believe in facts, or to use facts, or to do anything but try to stay awake behind all those chattering nabobs of negativism who were trying to tell us that the shit is about to hit the fan.

Now, it seems that, unless your immune system is compromised or you are very young or very old, Covid-19 is like a mild case of the flu.  And, as our President rightly pointed out, many people die after contracting the flu.

Still, when governments are shutting down schools and talking about cancelling the Olympics, when the Pilates teachers are teaching in Tucson instead of South Korea this week, when I start wondering if I made a mistake refusing travel insurance, it seems prudent to pay a little bit more attention to the situation.

I'm trying not to think about the 36 hours I spent in Las Vegas with 400 well-traveled strangers.last weekend.


  1. My brother flew back to Oregon this week but I consoled myself that it's not 'really' here yet. We did though take the advice to stock up on food and water that lasts, looked into from where our prescriptions come. I routinely wash my hands a lot in flu season as I am allergic to the flu vaccine.

    That case in NoCal evidently had a connection to the airbase nearby. CDC should have tested her early on and not risked the medical staff. Is that Trump's fault as Pelosi and Schumer want to cast the blame for it all onto him? One thing to remember is when he was gathering staff to keep abreast of it in China, they were busy with an impeachment that will only have the effect of preventing Trump from pardoning Stone or so I read (not a bad thing in my opinion).

    I do not routinely watch Trump's anything but saw that news conference because I thought i should. He said it wasn't inevitable as they are taking measures (for which he got condemned for blocking flights from Wuhan) but would be ready in case it escalates fast. The news is disappointing for how they depict what he says.

    I am less sanguine about Sanders after seeing clips of what he has said about immigration and seeing his anger in the recent debate in South Carolina (which I also don't routinely watch). Do we want an angry man who still thinks Cuba did good things? I come back to Amy Klobuchar, who apparently has no chance. No wonder, I had a nightmare last night between the news, politics and crimes :(. It was about crime, people with no souls (figuratively speaking) and finding danger where it was not expected. I might need to keep villains out of the book I am writing lol

    1. Yup Everything you say, and then some. Of course the news is disappointing.... to me for different reasons than for you but it boils down to the same thing - where's Walter Cronkite when we need him.

      I like Amy, too. I know a few If Not Trump Then Pete people. The Sanders folk are passionate and loud and I am so tired of everyone yelling at The Other that 9 more months of it makes me nutty.

  2. It is unfortunate that the team put together to confront the Ebola virus by Obama was disbanded by John Bolton in May 2018. Fifteen years of putting processes and procedures to efficiently run a pandemic response were flushed because it was an Obama sponsored project. Now, the wheel is having to be reinvented, and yes I do blame the president for this. That action was stupid. His personnel decisions have been based on who is loyal to him, and not on expertise. The head of HHS, was president of Lily, a major pharmaceutical company. The head of CDC has long ties to groups who believe AIDS was "God's judgment" against homosexuals, spread in an America weakened by single-parent households and loss of family values. I could go on, but I'll stop there. The thus poor response to the corona virus can be traced to not having qualified, experienced people in place and that problem starts at the top.

    1. Yup. exactly. Why should we have experts? He alone can save us.



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