Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Are You Feeling It, Too?

I could justify it starting at Thanksgiving and through the first weekend of the new year.  Why would I let the talking heads detract from the joy of the season?

I kept track of the major events; I followed the machinations as they became facts. Other than that, I found it very easy to ignore the babbling, the what if's, the commentary devolving into the subjunctive.  I was surrounded by brownies and ribbons and lists of those I love; I was perfectly happy to believe in Nancy Pelosi's judgment and move on from there.  And then my family arrived and the tv was rarely on and the newspapers piled up and I hardly listened to NPR.

Before I knew it, we were almost at war with Iran, and then we weren't; the Democrats were dropping like flies and spending and raising crazy amounts of money; the Astros didn't deserve to win the World Series, and maybe the Red Sox didn't either.

I don't want to know about it.  I don't want to dwell in that space.  I really enjoyed my respite.

I'll still shill for Mayor Pete and write and call my representatives.  I'll still read the WaPo headlines on my phone.  But the final-before-Iowa debate is on as I'm typing to you, and I made TBG change the channel as he surfed by.

I'm enjoying my break.  The Senate may receive the Articles of Impeachment this week, and that trial will be must-see-tv. 

Until then, I'm considering myself a casual consumer of the news.

Just typing that makes me smile.


  1. I will skip the impeachment too since it's done with partisan fervor and I have none on either side. The good thing is the Senators don't get to talk as much as the Managers for the House or the President. Either way, I have a book to bring out, a wish for better weather to get out more and don't need my bp to go even higher lol. It is what it will be, and the election is a long, long way off. What I might decide right now will be old news by then. I don't watch speeches either for the same reason. Reading about them later is bad enough

    1. Bloviating is nauseating, isn't it?
      Yes, the election is a long, long way off.
      I'll listen to a great speech anytime; haven't heard one in a long, long time.

      Look at all the things we agree on!

  2. I feel the same way. I look at all of the headlines in my local paper, but spend most of my time reading it's comics.


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