Friday, January 24, 2020

Are You Watching?

TBG and I were obsessed with the run up to Impeachment.  We watched everything, hearing over and over again the same (to our ears) wonderful arguments.

The President obstructed, and there was proof.

The President broke the spirit of the law, and there was proof.

The GAO says the President broke the law, and there was proof.

Then the Articles were walked over to the Senate and my will was snapped.

I cannot listen to Jay Sekulow.  I cannot spend waking hours watching grown ups willfully misconstrue the facts.

I feel terrible.  Adam Schiff is brilliant, but I've been catching him in the car on NPR, not sitting down for a binge civics lesson.

Am I a bad citizen? 


  1. I'm not watching either. I watched the House proceedings and learned the facts of the case. The president is guilty, period. The senate hearing is unbearable; the disrespect shown by the Senators to the House managers beggars belief. We all know what the outcome will be, Mitch and Lindsey have told us. No republican will break free of the mind control that's currently running their party.

  2. I am only watching snatches if the Senate trial. I watched everything leading up to this, just as you did, and I know about all that is being presented. I did watch a lot the first day of the Senate trial, enough to know that the President's lawyers lied consistently. It's so hard to tolerate all of those Republicans knowing what the president did and not caring.


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