Tuesday, January 21, 2020

I've Used Up My Outrage

At least, for the moment, my tank is empty.  I've had my fill of shouting at the wind.

I've been angry and anguished and articulate on the phone and in the ether.  I've enlisted others in the fight and reached out to long lost friends who might be eager to raise their voices alongside mine.

I've gone upstream as far as I can.  I've been through my address book.  I refined my written response and my talking points until I had to stop because they no longer made sense.

I went to sleep upset and I woke up the same way.  I have very little hope. 

The issue requires some reading (an article or the whole Report) and writing (which could be cut-and-paste) and putting your name out there on an issue that is bound to be contentious, if not down-right hostile. 

As usual, I acted before I thought about the ramifications of my screed.  Though edited for clarity and tightness, the current version is just as furious as its predecessors.  I'm still sending it out and about, hoping to make a difference.

Unlike gun safety, the people on the other end of this issue are neither armed nor dangerous to my physical well-being.  I can call them out, demand answers, wonder about their motives, and not worry about bullet holes in my windows.  That has allowed me to vent my spleen, to give voice to my ire, and not worry TBG.

But I need a break right now.  I can't think of anything else to do. 

(If you are interested, especially if you are connected to Cornell University, here are the links to the article and the Report that threatens the existence of the College of Human Ecology in an effort to promote Public Policy.  Read it and weep.... then act.)

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