Wednesday, January 29, 2020

A Report from Friday's March for Life in DC (Updated - The pictures work!)

My Brother participates in life.  He's an enthusiastic and keen observer of the world around him.  He makes me laugh and I love him.  Today, I'm sharing him with you.  Enjoy!
It was a nice day, so I put on my hat

and went downtown to see what this country is all about. This crowd was much smaller than the first anti-Trump Women’s March. This group was very ruly, walking slowly along Constitution Ave toward the Capitol.

  In 2017, the unruly Womens’ Marchers ignored their assigned parade route, meandered along both Constitution and Independence Avenues, trampled the grass on the mall, and stood in long lines for the hundreds of porta-potties.

I arrived after the President addressed the crowd.  Heavy security (the Secret Service has their own magnetometers) meant an hours long wait to get through the checkpoints if you wanted to pay homage.  Anyway it’s better viewing on tv.

If you haven’t noticed, there is a religious war going on in this country.  And the alt right is highly visible
(notice the balaclavas)
although either ignored or accepted by this homogenous 

There were lots of pre-printed signs. 

Among my favorites were the “I vote pro life” held by underage children. Can they read, or think?

There was no waiting at the comparatively small number of porta-potties,

but my favorite overheard line was, “It took me forever to find a toilet that had toilet paper.” 

Much singing and praying and loudspeakers for Jesus.  “We love babies yes we do. We love babies, how about you?!” 
Colorful matching hats and shirts helped keep groups of crusaders together.  A distinct lack of either profanity or humor on the signs, but enough of the usual graphic imagery of aborted fetuses, even on large video displays. (I'll spare you those pictures.)

As I was heading home walking away from the march through Judiciary Square, a pretty 30 something woman coming from the courthouse flashed me a knowing smile. Must have been the hat. 

She was the only one who noticed.  It’s a whole other world out there.

(Editor's Note: Most people would stop here.  My Brother is 
NOT most people.)

And so, the country is at a fork in the road



  1. The images didn't come through, but I get the idea. I love it!

    1. They do on my laptop, but not on my phone or my iPad. I will remedy the situation immediately. THANK YOU for pointing it out
      ps. I love it, too


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