Thursday, January 16, 2020

And Then, Today

Yesterday, I said I was done with the news.  Today, I couldn't get enough of it.

I'm fickle.  I admit it.  Feel free to judge; I've been laughing at myself all day.

It seems that the tabloid pieces of this impeachment are annoyingly tempting to my feeble psyche.  I'm enthralled by Lev Parnas's hair styling and the giant buttons on Nancy Pelosi's suit.  I'm wading deep into the weeds of Firtash and Shokin, just so I can be appalled.

It's humiliating, but it's true, and truths are part of what I promise you every day. 

Is it coincicental that the House Intelligence Committee released the unclassified documents showing a direct link between ou President and Lev Parnas on the same day that the Clerk of the House led a parade of legislators to the floor of the Senate to present two Articles of Impeachment Against Donald John Trump.

I have no reason to speak to any of those officials.
They have no reason to speak to me.
Why would ..(officials).... meet with me?
Who am I?
They were told to meet with me.  I was underground, doing their work.

And what Lev Parnas was doing is recorded in notes and emails and voice mails and now, on television in his own voice, telling his own story.

Sure, he's a crook; there are few if any honorable people in Donald John Trump's orbit by now.  Sure, he was in it for himself, trying to leverage a natural gas bonanza.  Sure, he's waiting to be sentenced by the SDNY and will do anything to cast himself in a positive light. 

But everything he says, including laughing about Donald John Trump's loud voice on the telephone, has been corroborated elsewhere. 

Are the Senators listening?  I know I am.


  1. Short of an actual crime, which has not been alleged-- yet, this is all about hoping to cause Trump to lose the election. I can see a couple of GOPers like Romney voting to convict but it won't be enough. I wish dems cared more about who they are presenting as a real option to him. They already got rid of one I could have voted for with Governor Bullock. I'm left with avowed socialists, ready to give away dollars to get elected and someone who has a hard time remembering where he is-- someone whose family profited a lot from his office, but he had no idea and given his memory lately, maybe he didn't. I wanted a real option to Trump and all the energy is fixated on trying to remove him from office on a mostly partisan basis. I mean the thing about he blocked them from getting some witnesses. All they had to do was use their subpoena power but no time for that and then she held them for a month. Pure show-- but most of it is. In the meantime Rome burns on so many levels. I definitely protect myself from whatever is irritating to me. I do though find some humor in Warren evidently calling out Sanders after that debate by saying he called her a liar. Well, if the shoe fits lol

    1. As Allison says below, after you typed your comment the GAO does allege a crime.

      Look at Klobuchar and Buttigieg might be more to your liking.

      The court process to get those witnesses to testify is still going on. The man has committed High Crimes and Misdemeanors, according to the House, and how long do you wait and leave him in office before exhausting all possibilities. He could have, like Clinton, given all the documents requested. And really, if anyone could exonerate him don't you think he'd be pushing them front and center? I do.

      I refuse to get into the back and forth bitch fest that is Democratic politics. It makes me sick.

  2. Well, actually there a crime. GAO ruled that the president's withholding of the 391 million dollars in aid violated the 1974 Impoundment Act.
    The House did use their subpoena power and the Republicans chose not to appear. It's unfortunate that they couldn't send the Sergeant at Arms to bring them in to testify. I'm glad Pelosi held the articles of impeachment because it provided time for this information to surface.
    Bullock or Bennett would have been great presidents, unfortunately they couldn't raise enough money to campaign effectively, which is why we need to overturn Citizens United and put stringent campaign finance reforms in place.

    1. Fully staffing the FEC would be a start, right?!?

  3. I'm listening too. Watching Rachael's interview with Lev last night was fascinating. What a tangled web.


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