Thursday, June 6, 2019

Elizabeth Warren's Got a Plan

She's tugging at my heartstrings, talking about child care and job choices and being rescued by Aunt Bea; not everybody has an Aunt Bea.

They're laughing at her trademark I've got a plan for that, but it's obvious she has the smarts and the drive and the experiences to back them up.  TBG thinks some are economically unfeasible, and I'm not educated enough to argue the point.  I'm assuming they are as possible as almost everything in Congress these days; I look at them as Intentions in a Perfect World.

I mean, really.  It's hard to argue with asking for two cents on every dollar over fifty billion dollars earned.  Can she really fund universal child care and pre-k and pay those teachers and care-givers the wages they deserve?

I hope so.  It's a laudable goal.  I'm willing to let her try.

That's Gov. Inslee's plan, my well-sourced husband told me, in no uncertain terms.  And he's done it, too.  It's my plan, too - bringing the manufacturing jobs for solar and wind power has been a sticking point for me for a long time.  It's so obvious, and it doesn't happen.  If I were conspiracy minded......

But, I digress.

I'm not sure it's a bad thing that the candidates are learning from one another.  In a perverse way, Donald J Trump has been good for American Democracy.  We are paying attention, we are participating, we are examining our choices and making our own decisions, unfiltered, right from the candidates mouths.

As for Senator Warren, her passion  runs deep, and so do her thoughts.  Is she shrill?  Was Eleanor Roosevelt nasal?  Will America choose to vote for another blonde older woman?  Or a looks younger than she is woman of color?  Or a gay millenial?  Is she too Establishment?  Is he Progressive enough?  Can she appeal to.........

And it's only half way through her town hall and I'm exhausted.


  1. I watched her town hall too, and it left me exhausted also, but also looking more seriously at Elizabeth Warren. Like you, I don't know if it's all feasible, but I do like her ideas and her passion for trying, and for having such courage of her convictions on topics like women's right to choose.

    1. Are we exhausted bc we've been fighting this fight for so long?


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