Tuesday, June 4, 2019

A Dry Heat - A Snippet

And this weekend the temperatures will be seasonably warm.

I laughed out loud.  Anyplace else, they'd be opening shelters for the un-air-conditioned elderly.  In Tucson, it's seasonably warm.

That means we look forward to temperatures in the upper 90's, sometimes accompanied by a slight breeze in the late afternoon.  With nary a cloud in the sky, being outside for more than a walk to the shady spot in which you left the car requires a hat and sunscreen and determination.  There's not much shade to be found; the leaves on the desert adapted trees have curled onto themselves, minimizing their exposure to the elements.

It's a wise idea.  At this time of year I remember Sister's friend describing her summer in Tucson:  I can feel my cuticles peeling back into my fingers.  I can feel the air sucking me dry.

I'm not complaining about guaranteed sunshine and weather I don't have to shovel or sweep or slip on.   I'm just explaining the situation.


  1. It is finally hot here in Fresno and I am THRILLED. I love warm wether. The only problem I would have in your neck of the country would be the lack of green . I can irrigate my backyard into a cool, shady oasis to enjoy on these 100 degree days.

    1. I soak up the greenery whenever I can. I have a volunteer tree shading my veggies and I stand there and breathe deeply when I need to feel like there is another color besides tan in the world.
      Irrigation in California - always a double edged sword. Those gorgeous plants... those giant utility bills.
      Thought of you yesterday while watching Mayor Pete in your town.

    2. Yes, Mayor Pete brought another ray of sunshine to our city. I don't know how this will all play out, but it was so delightful to hear a pleasant, smart, funny, kind politician speaking in an agreeable manner.


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