Monday, June 17, 2019

A Master Teacher - A Snippet

There are long minutes of intense, concentrated, focused work interspersed with grown up conversation.  It's the perfect combination for me.

She's wise about bodies in general and mine in particular, noticing things I feel but can't pin down.  It's never you are weak here; it's always engage this and use the breath.  I'm using what I can until the rest catches up, and catch up it will.  Pilates is all about symmetry; it feels awkward to be left behind.

Today, we reorganized a piece of equipment to accommodate my shorter than the usual client's leg length, and laughed about how proud of it all we were.  You Tube videos were mentioned.  Then she had me lay down and rest my legs against the re-positioned bar and I discovered that it's possible to rotate to turn out with ease when it's your lower calf and not your ankle bone resting on the steel cross-piece.

Did I mention that she pays attention to detail?

I'm usually sore when I leave, but it's the well-used-all-over feeling of a good work.  A hot shower or an epsom salts bath leaves me invigorated and refreshed and knowing that my body is capable of more than I know.  I'm lucky to have someone to unlock it for me.

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