Monday, April 29, 2019

April in Indiana

We are very glad to be here, surrounded by family and love.
But, when we left Arizona the temperature was headed firmly into the 90’s.
This is what I faced on Sunday morning:
I looked outside.
I was depressed.
The view out the front door wasn’t much more enticing.

It’s a good thing all my winter clothes live here.
I put on several layers and went out to breakfast with some of my favorite people.
My heart, at least, was warm.


  1. Monday on the south west side of Tucson has dawned slightly cloudy and less hot. We're enjoying it after yesterday. It seems like winter is hanging on forever in the center of the country.

    1. This constitutes Spring in Indiana, according to Little Cuter. Or, as FlapJilly reminded me, "the rain is good for the plants, so we like it." If only I'd brought an umbrella!


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