Monday, April 22, 2019

Earth Day (redux of the redux)

The Burrow is 10 years and 1 week old today.  Born on April 14, 2009, it's a creation of Big Cuter's encouragement (Mom, you are way hipper than you think you are) and Little Cuter's unlocking the door (If Suzi can't write, maybe Ashleigh Burroughs can).  This is the 8th post I ever wrote.  I like it just as much today as I did then.

I hope you are able to be out and about, planting or enjoying one of my favorite holidays.  


Earth Day

I like Earth Day. I was there at its creation, after all.

It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970. Initially, it was a touchy-feely alternative to the harsher realities of the anti-Vietnam War protests. You wanted to do something, but war was such an uncomfortable subject and arguing against it made your parents wonder why they were spending tuition dollars while you were telling the lawfully elected President of the United States of America that you knew more than he did. With your picture in the crowd on the front page of the NY Times. At 18 years of age, no less. But planting trees? Recycling newspaper? Not littering? And all this in service to Mother Earth. Who could be aggravated about supporting Mother Earth?

Earth Day had teach-in's. They were more fun than sit-in's, which invariably involved police and disciplinary action. They were less fun than be-in's, which owed more to Timothy Leary and The Grateful Dead than to anything political or practical. Teach-in's were earnest and had hand-outs and statistics and pictures of desolate landscapes ravaged by the cruelty of man. There was science and legislation and outrage and lots of tree give-aways.

Earth Day had no mandatory family gatherings. It required no gift giving, no card sending. You went outside and did something - cleaned a playground, weeded a median strip, planted one of those free trees. You felt good because you were doing good.

Now there is Earth Week and "We're greener than you are" tv networks Were this still 1970, there would be protests about the idea being "co-opted by 'the man'". Instead, Sheryl Crow is designing reuseable grocery bags for Whole Foods and Wal-Mart is selling them next to the discounted paper towels.

And Mother Earth is grateful.


  1. Love Earth Day too. Although, when I told my son it was Earth Day today, he said, "Mom, it's Earth Day everyday". He's very in tune with being more green. We've instilled it in him since he was born. It probably helped that I decided with my third child that I was going to be as green as possible--even using G-diapers, nursing and doing everything possible to make sure we reduced our carbon footprint.

    I so wish I had a green thumb like you do. I'm trying though. Hubby usually does the outside stuff, but this year, I planted flowers in our front porch pots and even bought some extra pots for more flowers. I so love flowers and greenery.

    Sending hugs!

    Stacy xxx

    1. Try annuals. They are supposed to die!
      ps. I love Riley's spirit!!

  2. Happy Earth Day! Happy Blogversary!


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