Monday, April 8, 2019

Sculpture Tucson

and in between them, there was a lot to see.
 Unless, of course, you've been there for two days, after which
 the magazine is more interesting than the adult conversation.
I went early in the morning, before the heat and the crowds.
There was time to stop and listen to the music,
to pause in the shade and admire a tented wonder,
to marvel at the proximity of the parking to the event.
The artist wanted to show her piece in the light.
I took some time to stare back at this face.
There were many faces on display,  
some creepier 
than others.
There was whimsy 
in all sizes.
There was a fox canoe with oddly coiffed oarsmen,
and a table to put it on. 

And these are just pieces whose creators I didn't talk to.
Tomorrow, I'll share those.


  1. That first face sculpture, with the hands, I would love to have it on my back gate.

  2. The only one I admired was the first with the petroglyphs. I am not much for 'modern' sculpture though.


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