Thursday, July 5, 2018

On The Road, Again

Maga and Papa can't be there, so I'm on my way.  The baby is coming sometime this month, and while I won't be in the room to catch him, I'll be close enough to greet him on his first day in the world.

I'm not sure there's a great place to be in America in July.  The middle of the country is colored red on the weather maps.  Tucson's monsoon hasn't made much of an impact.  Much of Puerto Rico is still without power and Flint's water is still undrinkable.  Big Cuter says San Francisco is gloomy and grey.  And Mr. Trump is President of us all.

Most everyone is on vacation, or planning a vacation, or just back from a vacation.  Facebook is full of Hawaii pictures and New York City pictures and Florida pictures.. and not all of them of a girl treed by an alligator. Friends are at Stonehenge and Disney and marrying in Colorado. 

I'll be spending the next few weeks in northern Indiana, wearing my Nevertheless, She Persisted tank top in that bright red state.  It's a beautiful shade of pink, and the message works in the gym as well as in the political sphere.  Silver Sneakers gets me free gym memberships anywhere in the USofA; I'll be sweating and making a statement at the same time.

FlapJilly doesn't like to nap at school; I'll pick her up when her classmates bring out their cots.  We'll have so many wonderful adventures - the zoo, the jumping palace, Barnes and Opal.  I'm filling my suitcase with something special for each and every day.  Some are treasures from my past and some were created just for this moment in my little one's life.  Some were given to me by friends.

 All of them fit in my big, wheeled suitcase; Southwest lets me take 2 bags for free and I'm delighted to pack with impunity.  I'm so used to Allegiant's one free under the seat bag rule that this feels like gluttony.  Will I need that skirt?  Why not? There's room! 

Life will go on back in Tucson.  Mah Jong will be played, albeit without me.  Hand and Foot will go on, though I will be gone.  My plants will bloom and wither and TBG will watch them and smile.  The little things that I do go unnoticed til I'm not around.  The gratitude which follows when they are found out makes my heart sing.

Expect FlapJilly posts for the next few weeks.  You are the only friends I'm taking with me.

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