Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Baby Bruvva

He does have a name.  It's just not one she's choosing to use.

She's a very messy sleeper.  I know this because we slept in Gramma's bed while the rest of the family was in the hospital getting over giving birth.  I put a body pillow between us on the second night, for protection.  No matter how cute they are, feet do not belong on Gramma's face.  Especially when they land there with authority  Especially when Gramma's dead asleep.

No, it was not Morning Time!! at 2am, but those were the sweetest words ever when the sun woke us up a few hours later.  First yoga - "Of course I know it!  You have to start with Downward Dog! - then the Breakfast of Champions - brownie and ice cream.

Why?  Because why not?

We skipped pre-school and went to the zoo.  We stayed up late.  Lunch was frozen yogurt (which she knows as ice cream), with gummy worms and gummy bears and raspberry truffles because the youngest among us has quite a refined palate.

All weekend long, we put sprinkles on everything.


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