Thursday, July 12, 2018

Inside My Brain

Does this happen to you?

I was in the shower (still no baby!) this morning,  and my brain had a thought.

I repeated it out loud.


It’s like there are two parts of me, the internal and the external, and they both wanted to be sure I knew what I thought.

Actually, there are three parts - I forgot the one who laughed at the other two.

Why wasn’t it enough to have the thought in the first place?  What piece of my brain needed to push it out through my mouth?  It was already there (though I’ve forgotten what it was by now).  Why did I have to repeat it?

Not that it really matters.  There’s no extra charge for thinking and saying the same thing to myself.  But I wonder if I’m the only one who has this happen.  I’m not making a conscious decision to do this.  It just happens.

Does it happen to you?


  1. I think that may be why people write - to secure their ideas. I know as a teacher that it is important to talk and share ideas as part of the learning process. We use "turn and talk to your partner" to make this happen. You are just your own partner, at least in the shower.:-)

    1. LOVE this! I’m securing my ideas. Finally, an explanation!!


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