Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Spring Carnival at Prince

Once again, GRIN was at the Spring Carnival.
The teachers put on the whole show, with the help of high school and adult volunteers.
Everyone shows up.
Everyone has a good time.
There was a Dunk Tank,
and NO the teacher was not thrilled at all.  

There was face painting.

 There were simple games.
 I was fascinated by the duckies in the baby pool.
 The high school volunteer was sooooooo patient.
 The scholars were wary, but interested.
 The toddler looked on, sucking, silent, taking it all in.

There was a raffle.
There was cotton candy and there were hot dogs and there was soda and water.
And, there were nachos dished out by Phil-the-Wonderful-Grinner and Grandma Suzi.
The cheese was melted in crock pots, since the nacho dispenser takes much too long to heat up.
We filled small styrofoam bowls with chips, ladled on the cheese, and offered jalapenos on-top-or-on-the-side.  

There was lots of time to chat, for me to introduce Phil-The-Wonderful to the kids who hugged me.  We practiced introducing Grandma to Mommy and Daddy, concentrating on eye contact and a firm handshake.  I made plans for the tomato plant to go home with Olivia, the 4th grader who's been tending it this semester.  Her parents were delighted to meet the woman she keeps talking about at home.  

They talk about me.

I took that home with me and cuddled with it all night long.

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