Thursday, May 3, 2018

I Took a Walk Today

I did.
I put on my sneakers and loaded up my gear
and I took a walk.

I listened to Michelle Wolf's sometimes laugh-out-loud sometimes oh-dear-God schtick at the White House Correspondents Dinner.  I paused half way through and stretched.  I kept up a decent pace, and thought about my stride.  I tried to keep my hips even and my shoulders straight.  I used my newly found quadriceps and aductors, listening to them squeal and choosing to ignore their outbursts.

I marveled at the blossoms,
but I didn't stop to admire them until I was finished walking.  

20 minutes out and back on a relatively flat surface.
Rewarding myself with a moment communing with my little friend.
remembering her with others who share the loss. 
I talked to her about this, 
a new to me example of the wonders of nature.
I strolled on the newly raked paths in her garden.
Then I went home.

I took a walk today.


  1. Walks, they do a body good.

    1. Yes, ma’am! I’m off to take another one right now!

  2. Yay for walking! We were up and out this morning early. I'm hoping tomorrow we can get out for a bike ride, before it gets hot. Glad your quads are back and cooperating.

    1. I know w! We have to get all our outdoor activities in before the ice breaks on the Rillito this weekend!


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