Friday, May 25, 2018

Kindergarten Graduation

I received this several times.
Of course, I went.

People dressed for the occasion.
They positioned themselves strategically,
maximizing their views and their viewfinders.
There were a lot of cell phones, each of them zoomed in on one very special child.
There were lots of balloons, too, like these which appeared next to me, as if by magic.
Just three minutes behind schedule, the Rising First Graders marched into the cafeteria.
They stood in their assigned places,
for the most part
(Hey, they're 6 year olds.)

There was the pledge and the Mustang Code of Honor.  There was an alphabet song and a counting song and a goodbye to kindergarten hello to first grade song and then it was all over.  The grown-ups were asked to wait until the scholars left the building before they traipsed across campus to collect their charges.

I left the parents and teachers to their newly minted Big Kids, holding the door for a few of them at the end of the line.  They were filled with big smiles or shy grins, a First Day of Summer Vacation spring in their steps.  Next year and Grade School were far in the future.  Right now there were sweet treats and balloons and backpacks filled with their name tags and awards and final projects and items from the lost and found.

Grandma Suzi added to their bounty.
After all, I received a written invitation.
I had to bring a gift.


  1. I love that super star sticker. I'll be on the lookout for that for next year since I do star-themed stuff all year long.

    1. I found it at a store in Tucson (Jonathan's) that caters to educators. Thankfully, I bought all the bags they had so I have enough for this year and next year, too. Of course, they sat in my drawer for a few years til I figured out the right way to distribute them!

      The business cards (500 for $9.99 from VistaPrint) were also languishing.


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