Friday, May 11, 2018

Any One Of These Things

Imagine a Presidential candidate hiring a campaign manager whose last client, banished from his own country, was taking refuge with Vladimir Putin in Russia.

Imagine it? I wish that were all I were able to do but, in fact, it really happened.  And no one seemed to care.

Michelle Wolf called out the correspondents at their dinner.  CNN... Breaking News!..... Yeah, you guys broke the news.  Fast and furious, with little regard for accuracy so long as you are first, being sure to get the scoop, to grab the headline. 

And so TBG sat in the hospital waiting room while CNN told him that Gabby was dead. It was awful for him to hear; imagine how Gabby's sister must have felt.

I cringe, watching reputable news outlets trying not to drool too heavily over the cover of Penthouse, which next month will feature a porn star linked to the President covering some of her naked breast with her hand.  I'm less interested in the ins and outs of the NDA than I am with the response to the story as a whole.  Why should I care who he slept with before he was even running for office?seems to be the Trumpite rationale.  Well, let's see.

Bill Clinton was impeached for behavior on the same spectrum of awful.  Granted, he was in the Oval Office while he was misbehaving, but then, again, so was DJT when he told the Russians why he fired James Comey.

I'm just sayin'......

I could go on, but I'm depressed writing just these few paragraphs.  In any other time, any one of these things would be enough.  All of them together seem to have induced a national stupor. 


  1. Bill Clinon was impeached for perjury. Martha Stewart went to prison for lying to the FBI not for her insider trading. Most dems supported Clinton through it and voted for him a second time even after all the accusations of abusive behavior. It's all about someone's tribe for how they see such things. Not how it should be but how it is.

    1. I supported Clinton's policies most of the time, but I didn't like him or his behavior all of the time. I never tried to excuse it, nor excuse Hilary for bashing the accusers. Clinton and Stewart lied.... this President's relationship to the truth is exactly why he'll never testify. I want the same sense of outrage from Trump's supporters as I heard in Marin County, the most liberal of liberal places, the most tribal of tribes, when Clinton, their guy, used his power inappropriately and then couldn't get his mouth around a truth. It's possible to separate the man from the policies, usually. When those policies are bought and paid for by a foreign government (Ukraine in the platform, eg) some of the luster ought to fail, don't you think?

    2. I think the issue is Trump's supporters knew what he was when they voted for him. Ditto for Bill's. Reality is whether we say it's not okay, we vote, most of us, on issues that matter. I heard a pastor explain exactly why he overlooked Trump on sex over the issues that he felt mattered. I think those who voted for Clinton felt the same way. Most are the angriest at those they already disagree with.

      What gets me is to find that Martha Stewart went to prison for lying to the FBI and it was Comey and Mueller again behind it. I find this to be a very disillusioning time to look at either side.

  2. The level of stupor is depressing. The fact that the DOJ will not pursue any of the illegal stuff the administration is doing is just depressing. The increase in the harassment of people of color is depressing. The crashing of the shore birds populations is depressing, as is the increase in mammal extinction. It's hard to believe it's only been one year, it feels like forever.

  3. Sorry for being MIA. I’ve been battling bronchitis and sleeping all week. I really don’t care who slept with whom, but I do care if someone is using campaign funds to silence someone. The fact that Bill Clinton was impeached had nothing to do with sex, but his lying about it did.

    When I think this POS and his administration can go down no further, they do. I literally have anxiety attacks due to all the damage they are doing to this country. I’m scared for CHIP and kids who need healthcare. I’m scared for immigrants and children being separated from their parents, The cruelty is just so unbearable.

    Going back to bed.

    Sending hugs.

    Stacy xxx


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