Thursday, August 17, 2017

Today's Terrifying Thoughts

The day started with the best business people dropping out of Councils that had been disbanded because who wants to host a party that no one will attend?

I watched Nicole Wallace, Communications Director for George Bush and McCain/Palin, wonder who resigns over this?

I found out that there is a uniform for white supremacists: a white polo shirt, tan khaki pants, and a red ball cap, aping Donald Trump's leisure wear.  I found out that the Nazis and the Klan (and the other groups whose names and websites I don't want to know about or promote) are recruiting on college campuses, looking for clean cut youngsters who are willing to climb into the clown car.

I began to compose this ad:
Very Nice People
who participated in the Unite The Right rally in C'ville.  
You know, the one whose poster featured all those white nationalists, Klansmen, Nazis.
(Added bonus if you can articulate a nice reason for associating with assholes.)
My President tells me that you exist.
Please bring your unicorn to confirm your identity.

I began editing aloud.  I watched TBG laugh, then pause, then frown, before begging me to avoid attending any counter-demonstrations in the near future, That tipped the scales; now we were both terrified. 

I turned off my brain and delivered a nice long dose of this
and this
via FaceTime.

It was a much better place to be.

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