Thursday, August 24, 2017


Because you had that red convertible.

Because you took me on the best first date ever.

Because your mother talked to me about grandchildren when I first visited you at home, while your brother was fascinated by the thin braids I'd woven, framing my face while the rest of my hair hung to my waist.  Because it felt as if I'd been coming to your house forever.

Because you explained the games you watched,  rather than excluding me due to my ignorance

Because we lived near and then far, apart and then together and then apart again, and I was always glad to see you.

Because you take the right things seriously.

Because I know you will never, knowingly, put me at risk.

Because ordering pizza is fine, even though a home cooked meal warms the cockles of your heart.

Because you think that your old polo shirts look adorable when I wear them around the house.

Because of that and because of this and because I can't imagine it any other way... Happy Anniversary, TBG.

Here's to 42 more years, because why not?


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