Tuesday, August 1, 2017

My Life

In the real world, the White House Communications Director was fired before he was officially on the payroll.  In the real world, the Senate is trying, once again, to fix in a minute what they've had seven years of preparation to present. In the real world, planes are delayed and young adults go to work and air conditioners break down and roads are paved causing circuitous loops to be driven in order to find FlapJilly's house.

In my life, there is this
My space is much more lovely.


  1. The esteemed and fired White House Communications Director is going to pay taxes on the sale of his company as he is no longer a government employee. I'm having a bit of schadenfreude about that. Your grandchild is just delightful with her book and her shiny shoes. Here, in Issaquah, WA, we are beleaguered by multi year road closures and construction everywhere.

    1. Those princess sandals are absolutely wonderful! She can run in them and look elegant at the same time. Books are her go-to amusement, much to everyone's delight. As for schadenfreude... OH YEAH!!


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