Thursday, February 23, 2017

Just a Little Teary - A Snippet

FlapJilly is being promoted.

She's leaving the world of The Two's and crossing the parking lot to The Three's.  Her first friend at school moved over a month or so ago, so she'll have a familiar face in unfamiliar surroundings.  The play equipment is bigger and more challenging and the curriculum is less pre and more school.  She's ready for the challenge, and her parents couldn't be more proud.

And then Little Cuter and I exchanged the glance that said it all:
OH, Where has my baby gone?  
It's a mixture of joy and yearning and overwhelming heart exploding love.... and it left us both just a little bit teary.  She's such a big girl now.


  1. Wait until they start college. They grow up way too fast for grandparents

    1. JannyLou's far away grandkids are visiting and the little one towers over me. Mr. 13 just chose his hs courses. MY baby has a baby. Wow just seems too small :-)


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