Thursday, February 9, 2017

Feeling The Love

A columnist teased me about stealing his next story. Friends of friends emailed friends who emailed me, making sure I knew they were glad to read what I wrote.  Classmates smiled.  Old friends shared the link.

And my family wondered how I was doing.

I'm not reading the on-line comments. I'm sure there are people trying to put a gun in every hand who think I'm over-reacting. They are entitled to their opinions and, after a while, I'll read them all.  Right now, I'm still pretty raw.  Willful ignorance, perhaps, but necessary.

I'm waiting for a response from Rep. McSally to the message I left on the tape after her tele-Town Hall.  I asked where my article misrepresented the facts, where it was flawed.  I'm sure there were a lot of us leaving messages for her; I'm not faulting her for taking her time and answering everyone with respect.  I don't mind waiting; I can't be disappointed while I'm waiting.

And I'm tired.  I'm very very very tired.

I'm working hard to keep the tears at bay..... because, behind the quibbling over rules and procedures and political theater lie dead and injured daughters and grandmas and heroes and it's all so very very sad.

That's what Rep. McSally is missing.  It's not about her.  It's about us.


  1. Do NOT read the online comments, and do NOT expect to hear back from McSally.

  2. A: Her & her "handlers" days are numbered in congress...

    B: YOUR voice is far more powerful than you probably even imagine...remember that.

    C: "Nevertheless, she persisted"...I hope that's where you're gonna stay, despite the pain of it all....b/c the world needs your light & the difference you're making for good!


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