Friday, February 10, 2017

And Now, A Break From Controversy

Big Cuter reports on the horizontal rain afflicting northern California.

Little Cuter complains that this winter has been lame, as, snow-less and frigid, she watches the East Coast dig out.

We are having unseasonably warm temperatures, here in the desert Southwest.  In honor of the sunshine and the light breeze and the hint of spring in the air, I wore shorts and began to refurbish my containers.

There was a lot of work to do. Last week I cut back all the obviously dead pieces from most of the containers, leaving only that which seemed likely to bloom.  
The results were appealing in a what will these flowers look like? sense, 
but they all need to be cut back and repotted. 
I bunched this snapdragon
 with two other survivors in one pot,
but the rest of them will have to wait while I cogitate. 

Some of the containers are still quite beautiful, even if the colors are a holiday or two behind.

We see this basket-on-a-post from our bedroom.
Geraniums have a peculiar odor, but these 
are viewed from afar. 
 I don't know how they'll do in summer's full sun, but right now, they are gorgeous.

This is a much nicer inner space than the political sphere and a much nicer outer space than either of my children enjoy.  Feel free to come back over the weekend if it all becomes too much.


  1. So far we're liking Bull. The most recent episode of NCIS with the Sherlocks was just embarrassing, it was so bad. They have truly jumped the shark.

    1. And that one we didn't totally hate; maybe b/c it was Jimmy-centric? There is, however, no substitute for Tony.


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