Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"Do You Still Have My Trolls?"

After a tough morning at the pediatrician, replete with a flu shot that really hurt a lot, FlapJilly and Little Cuter plan to retire to the couch this evening. Apparently, trolls have made a comeback, on the big screen and in toy stores. They are streaming on home tv's nationwide, including that of my little girls.

I missed this development entirely.  It's only because I've been organizing our storage that I knew the answer to her question.

I saved everything.

I have cardboard boxes of various shapes and sizes, labeled with memories of The Cuters' childhood - Construx, Leggo, Brio, Dinosaurs, Playmobil.  I have boxes and bookshelves filled with the literature of their youth - Ramona and Black Beauty and Christopher Robin are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the next generation to listen to them as read-alouds.  I have Little Cuter's small glass animals and her pog book and yes, I have her trolls.

There is much to be shed when one moves, whether up-sizing or down-sizing.  Too small and too big everything, broken anything, that which has not been touched since last I moved.... gone.  The Cuters' elementary school artwork was a lot harder to leave behind, but, over time, I've whittled it down to the most interesting or useful pieces.  I've never found a doorstop I love more than the one Big Cuter created after what must have been a most interesting nightmare.  I use Little Cuter's ceramics class sushi plate as the soap dish next to my bathroom sink.  The Bride and Big Cuter created a finger painting when they were 3 years old; it has adorned every garage wall since then.

Going through collections and books and mementos was more difficult.  Candles were used rather than stored.  Tests were tossed, reports were read and removed.... well, you get the idea.  They are big kids now; I'm keeping only that which means something to me, or which my grandchildren will enjoy.

Hence, the trolls.

I hoped that she would bring the kid here to play with them, and she did say that I could bring them and give them to her myself, but I can't wait to see her face when she opens the box so I'm bringing them to the post office in the morning.

Yes, I still have your trolls, and the clothes your babysitter made for them, and though I'll send the objects your way, those memories will always be nestled close to my heart.


  1. I loved this movie. The music in it is so great along with the message. I hope Little Cuter will share some pictures of FlapJilly opening the box. I'm sure she will be absolutely thrilled.

    Sending hugs!

    Megan xxx

  2. Your wish is my command :) Will take a video to share.- Little Cuter


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