Friday, February 3, 2017

And Then There Was This

Lest there be any doubt about how I'm voting on she had me at "school choice" years ago...
I can't get past the Lest. Only a person who received a quality education would start a Tweet with a word that Webster defines as formal.

Jeff Flake, my junior Senator, is up for reelection in 2018.  Voters are watching.  We've been calling and emailing and sending postcards; I know because I am connected to all kinds of on-line and in-person groups lobbying on the issue and I've watched the calls being made and the cards being sent.  We've gathered at his office and we will gather again (Friday at 10:30 for the big group or anytime that day at his office, in case you are anywhere near 6840 N Oracle Road  in Tucson).

Does it matter?  

I was enthused when Big Cuter told me that the news outlets he follows predicted that Flake might be the third Republican to break with the leadership and thwart her nomination.  I went to bed with a plan in mind; I'd call all three of his offices (202-224-4521  DC Office -- Press 5 to speak to a human
520-575-8633  Tucson Office 602-840-1891  Phoenix Office) and I'd email all my friends to do the same.  I'd stop in to the Tucson office on my way to the movies with Scarlett, making my opinion known, once again.  

I slept well.  Woke up, dialed the DC number a few times until I got through, left my message and my zip code with the lovely woman who answered the phone, and felt damn fine about myself and my country.  I was going to make a difference.

Then I came across that tweet.  

It was like a punch to the gut.  Apparently, it won't matter what I say.  My Senator is against me.  

It's hard to feel so alone.  I moved to Janet Napolitano-Gabby Giffords-Maverick John McCain's Arizona and I've got Governor Ice Cream and  Martha (never voted for a women's issue) McSally and Jeff Flake... Jeff Flake who talks a good game and is in all the right places and now has a chance to do good for the nation and who won't be listening to me because he's already made up his mind.

He's in love with Betsy DeVos (because that's the movie reference, Sen. Flake, so you are stuck with it).  

I know that I will remember this in 2018.  I know that I will be reminding my fellow voters of this in 2018.  It may not make a difference, but it's all I've got left.


  1. I am not having the emotional reaction to all of this that so many are experiencing; but I had hoped she'd not be confirmed-- mostly because she's so pro private schools.

    However, I understand how some regard this as good. My uncle is long dead, but the family story is he was out of control, not doing well in school. Grandma and grandpa put him in a Catholic school (they were not Catholic but great grandma was). The school straightened him out because they made him toe a line that the public school had been unable to do. He went on to college and a very successful business career (did not become Catholic or uber religious). So I get it why some are so high on them.

    There are three elite private schools in the college town near where I live and I know those who sent their kids there because attending private and boarding schools enhances their chances of getting into elite colleges and getting high paying jobs at places like Google (which their kids have and are doing). It's another way of separating the masses from the privileged.

    My bigger concern though has been the religious ones that push a dumbing down on science. I am not surprised though that Republicans support her given vouchers, which has been fought off for years but looks like is now going to be a reality. And then there is Falwell's kid in a committee (Presidential level) into credentials for colleges...

    It will be an unhappy few years for many of us. I though believe sometimes we have to let things go emotionally-- act but not constantly let them make us react when we can't change it-- for now.

    In the blog world, I am amping up my rant a bit ;) adding a blog roll with a mix of blogs by those who constantly discuss politics, left and right, and my own opinions on many things. I don't want my main blog to go that way. I want it to uplift and there is nothing about politics right now that uplifts me (although I have my FB almost clean of the bombardment of anger/fear and back to how friends are doing-- almost).

  2. If you have the money, you can buy the very best education. If you are poor, then too bad for you. There are few choices, mainly because you have no resources to do anything different. This is not fair in a democratic country. Of course, I'm thinking we are losing our democracy.

  3. I was relieved when I saw that Kaine and Warner are opposing DeVos. I wasn't happy though with how many nominations they did support. I did my calling this morning, but was only able to get voicemail. Thanked them for opposing DeVos and asked the to not confirm Sessions. I now have this on my calendar every day to do. It's really sad we even have to do this. Our representatives should be listening to us.

    I hope it's helping, but if they vote against us, I will do my best to get them out in 2018.

    Thanks for remind me too why it's so important to stand up and be heard.

    Megan xxx


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