Thursday, October 20, 2016

Woe is Me

I'm a Cubs fan.  It's my natural state of affairs.

I allowed myself to buy into the hype this year.  I was foolish and I was forgetful and I got what I deserved.

Only 2 out of the last 20 winningest teams in baseball have won the World Series.  When you hit a losing streak in a seven game series it's hard to regroup, to recoup, to make the fans smile again.

And so, tonight, when I should be able to turn to Fox Sports One for an escape from debate, I have no alternative but to stick with Hillary and The Donald.  I'll have a belly ache no matter where I land.

Woe is me, I'm a Cubs fan.  I don't mess with the mojo.  When we checked in on-line and saw that Chicago was ahead we knew that we couldn't start the tape delay until it was all over.  They were doing just fine without us.

And I fell right back into it, along with half the crowd in Dodger Stadium.  Russel and Rizzo broke out of their slumps and everyone was smiling and, once again, I was reminded that the roller coaster nature of the relationship is half the fun.

Woe is me.  I'm a Cubs fan.


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