Monday, October 24, 2016

Cubs Win!

People who never post on Facebook - like Not-Kathy - posted this

There were on-going love letters all series long, like this one, from SIR:

Dear Jake Arrieta, 
You complete me!

but something about this game brought out people who, in ordinary circumstances, would never turn the television to sports.  Look at these texts from JannyLou, yesterday during the 3rd inning:

Cubbies lookin' good.  I cannot believe I am watching baseball for you so I can root for them!.....
I've been sitting all day.... Fast Eddie did GOTV door knocking.... 
Double Play.  Wow.

My shirt from the 1989 National League Division Championship
and my gym rat tank top
will soon be joined with one featuring these guys.
But my favorite graphic is this one, sent to all those doubters and disbelievers.


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