Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy New Year - Random Thoughts

I have apples.  I'll make a challah. I have honey from Tiburon's finest bees and a lovely glass of a fruity red wine.

I won't spend the day in prayer.  I'll spend some time with memories and I'll try my hand, once again, at chicken soup.   I'll appreciate the smells and the sights and the love while I'm at the dentist and while I'm playing Mah Jongg.

Perhaps, if I had family nearby, I'd go with them to sing the songs and revel in the familiarity.  But here, now, I'm happy reflecting on the year past and the year to come within the comfort of my own, personal space
Daddooooo always made us pose for a family photo.  This was never a pleasant experience.  We were recalcitrant and the camera took adjusting and G'ma was ready to take off her shoes but there we were, under the big tree in the backyard, being hollered at to SMILE!!

Somewhere, in someone's basement or linen closet, is a box of 8mm films of those afternoons.  Perhaps they are better left uncovered?
There were always new clothes for The New Year.  Two dressy outfits, new dress shoes, and a haircut, whether you needed one or wanted one or not.

Fifth Avenue might have had the Easter Parade, but Brower Avenue had the Rosh HaShana Walk to Temple Parade.
I had a friend in graduate school who was born in 5700.  He's 77 years old today.

He is, I think, the only person who always knows exactly what year it is in the Hebrew Calendar.

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