Monday, October 17, 2016

The Universe is United

The Cubbies clinched the first of the three series, and they were on my mind.  They defeated the San Francisco Giants, so Marin was on my mind as well.

I never think of watching sports in California without remembering Bunionella and her brood, cheering in front of the bigger-than-ours-with-more-than-quadrophonic-sound media system her husband and son had installed in their family room.

They didn't watch much tv beyond Nat Geo and sports, but they did watch their sports.  And so did we.

And so it wasn't totally surprising that Bunionella called me as I was driving into the parking lot that morning.  I was thinking of baseball and so was she and our thoughts collided in the quantum sphere and there we were, Did you see that game???? talking for a minute or two.

It's been months since we spoke.  It may well be months until we speak again.  But we both know that we'll each be thinking of the other as the Cubbies play on.

 Good friends are connected that way, in the ether and in the world.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

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