Thursday, November 5, 2015

Shortsighted Snippet

All the local bond issues failed.

For the average homeowner, someone who owns a home assessed at  $150,000, the cost for all 7 proposals came to a whopping ........

Let's ask Mr. 10 that question, shall we?  Driving in the car, on our way to an adventure, he wondered if I had voted Yes or No on the propositions.  That led to a discussion of what they would provide - funding for roads and hospitals and museums and civic improvements - and the fact that all 7 had been voted down.  My fury was evident, my disgust with my fellow citizens apparent.

"How much do you think the average homeowner's tax bill would be raised, Mr. 10, before you think that person should consider voting against those propositions?"

"Oh, maybe $500 or $700."

Will you be as surprised as he was to find that the total increase for the average homeowner would have been a whopping $27.

The kid has amassed that amount himself, at times, and he's only 10. His face was beautiful to behold- total shock that so little was asked and even that was refused

I can't believe I live in a community which is unwilling to invest the cost of lunch for two in the creation of a better world for themselves and those around them.

Did I mention I'm furious?


  1. Thanks for the info as I'd seen the signs but yours is the first place I'd seen what the outcome had been. It's always hard to understand that kind of no-tax mentality. We don't get to vote in Arizona elections, even being property owners here, because you can only vote in your home district and our legal residency is Oregon. It is a drawback as our property here is impacted by those who can vote. The terrible part of this is for more than the bond measures. The same people will vote with no research and just as thoughtlessly for the Presidency in next November :(

  2. All of our bonds passed. They were for schools or for fire stations. The money has already been allocated it's just that our country residents have to say yes or no. So ours isn't actually a matter of our taxes going up. But really, $27 is worth it to pay for infrastructure, schools etc...

    I despair at our society's unwillingness to help others.

    Megan xxx

  3. My personal fury is directed at the voters who approved the removal of red light cameras. The police had said that when they were installed, accidents at intersections decreased by 70%. We live in the Mission and Ajo part of the city, and red light running is rampant. So are the crosses that mark the places where people died. To me, not running red lights is just fundamental to having a civilization, and we're losing it. And then there is Kentucky, where the Democrats did not show up to vote, and the rural Republicans elected a man whose plan is to jettison the ACA. He was voted in by the very people who depend on Kynnect (their version of the ACA) and the Medicare expansion. Would someone please explain to me when this country went off the rails, and how do we get it back? I read that there is a lot of property available in small villages in Italy. It's tempting.


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