Friday, November 27, 2015

Random Thoughts - The Thanksgiving Evening Edition

Having the world's best next door neighbors is something for which TBG and I are profoundly grateful. We admit our foibles, laugh at our failings, and find comfort in the knowledge that we're all falling apart at about the same rate.

Being there for one another is, of course, quite wonderful.  But it's the shared amusement that acts as the glue holding us together.
Joining them for Thanksgiving dinner, some of us reveled in the lack of acrimony, in the ease and grace with which this family flows through the world.  Where was the whining... the head shaking... the muttered imprecations and the slammed doors

Our natal families bore no resemblance to this; we agreed that this is much better.
We watched sons and grandsons discussing George R R Martin and Jessica Jones, smiling as 20's and 30's and 40's blended together, seamlessly.  The college freshman's boyfriend was a willing helper among strangers, insisting that JannyLou must have something that needed doing.  I peeled turkey necks and chopped liver for giblet gravy because it was easier for me than for her.  Everyone seemed to be responsible for the dogs.
The instructional emails in the preceding weeks were a big help. JannyLou had given each of us tasks and timelines, so bagels were procured and gluten/dairy/egg free dessert recipes were tested in a timely fashion.  Everyone was just-a-little-bit dressed up for this extended family and friends event, and everyone had some skin in the game.

There was a lot of justifiable pride floating around the kitchen.


  1. Sounds like a lovely way to celebrate the holiday. Our kids came but arrived sick. That caused the in-laws to cancel for fear of catching whatever the kids had. There were only six of us for our vegan lunch which went off without a hitch. More food than we could eat, but conversation was light and happy.

    After lunch I learned that my niece's husband died the night before Thanksgiving so I called my sister to check in and get the details. In doing so, I mentioned something I had learned about her granddaughter from my daughter. It was news that had not been shared with my sister and so it all blew up and created hard feelings which my daughter then learned about online. Aack. Holiday drama even when the parties aren't present.

    1. Oh, dear. Oh, dear. All you were doing was sharing the news. And it was public, too. Oh, dear. Oh, dear.

      My advice is to forget the drama, focus on the love (but you know that, of course!) and remember the vegan lunch which went off without a hitch! Life is too short for hard feelings, in my opinion. Of course, not dying on the sidewalk might have something to do with that.....

      Happy Happpy Sunday, anyway <3

    2. I agree. Get over yourself and move on. Life is way too short, which was proven with my niece who died 6 years ago and then her husband who died last week. Both younger than me and both who should be alive enjoying their lovely home and grandchildren. Neither were ever happy people, though, which I think brought about early demise in both cases.

    3. And what a waste of this time on earth, with others...... Unhappy people (excluding those who have "real reasons"... like those in my Survivors Group) bring the rest of us down to their level, b/c, as I learned in college "misery loves miserable company."

      YOU go on being you <3 That's a recipe for a better world, for sure!


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