Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ben Carson and the Media

Behind that mild facade there lurks a nerdy twelve year old boy.

"They are mean to me.  They are not mean to anyone else.  They are just mean to me."

It's true that Donald Trump is a bully, but he's mean to everyone.  Ben Carson is whining about the media's close scrutiny of the words he wrote in his biography, carping that no other candidate has ever been so closely parsed.

It's one thing that he doesn't know the name of the faction we're supporting in the Kurdish hinterlands.  It's another that he doesn't think Richard Nixon might have something to say about the media and its intrusion into his reality.

What about those pictures of Bill Clinton in his teeny tiny jogging shorts? Buzzfeed ran this picture with a caption describing Clinton's white thighs.

Does Mrs. Clinton enjoy having her hair and makeup analysed?  Did the Ford kids like having their escapades recorded in graphic detail?
As President Obama pointed out, the American media is a much gentler opponent than Vladimir Putin.

But it doesn't really matter, does it?  The people who will vote for him will believe his cries about disparate treatment regardless of the facts.  The people who won't vote for him will shrug their shoulders and sigh.  This conversation is being had for the benefit of those in the middle, those who haven't made up their minds.  The right answer is as obvious to me as it is to Candy Carson, even if the rights we know will never meet.  We don't need to be convinced.

And so the conversation about the moderators of the debates and the treatment of the candidates and the refusals to participate and who's in and who's out and on and on and on and meanwhile the world is going to hell in a handbasket.  I don't want a President who relies on his generals and his Secretary of Defense to answer his questions; just look at what Bush Senior has to say about the advice his son received from Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney to see where that got us.

I'm loving the fact that a man of color is running for President and his race is not an issue.  I wonder if he's thanked Mr. Obama for taking the heat on that one.  And while he's talking to The Man, perhaps he can apologize for implying that the media was soft on him.  Perhaps the reason that there were no obfuscations or fabrications or embellishments or out right lies reported after his books were perused by media savants was because there were no obfuscations or fabrications or embellishments or out right lies Mr. Obama's books.

I fear the candidate doth protest too much.


  1. He is a whiner, but I do agree, Trump is a bully. He's been a bully his whole life. It's the only way he knows how to be. Do we really want a bully in the White House or a whiner for that matter? If Carson's feelings are so hurt, just imagine dealing with foreign leaders. Is he going to whine when Angela Merkel rains on his parade? I want my President to have a freakin' backbone and I definitely don't want him to be an out right liar--something we know Carson is. I know people watch the Republican debates, but I cannot get past the lies and downright pettiness.

    Megan xxx

    1. It's 7:30 and we just tuned in and I'm nauseous.
      I'm changing the channel .... Kasich is the only one making sense and Trump is trying to deport my cleaning lady and I can't stand it!

  2. The hard part for me is to find at least one Republican candidate who it won't depress me if they had a chance to become President. To be honest, and I know how lefties feel about what I'm going to say, but I'd prefer Trump right now to any of them. Bill Maher talked about him with Keith Olbermann and they both agreed that Trump on a one on one basis is a nice guy. Strange but true and it isn't only at their level I've heard it said. I don't like his stand on emigration or pretty much anything but at least he's not a religious nut. He doesn't believe grain got stored in the pyramids because Joseph built them. Every other candidate seems to be a religious ideologue with some worse than the others but they all will play havoc with what I value for rights while they proclaim themselves believers in freedom. They will fight wars we don't need and add to the military war machinery while they deny benefits to the soldiers when they return. Their tax plans benefit again the wealthiest while claiming they care about the middle and on the environment, don't get me started.

    To see someone like Ben Carson though rise up as he has and listen to comments other places where his fans don't care if he has been a pathological liar and blame the left for it even coming out, what worries me the worst is the voters not even these candidates. Depressing.

    I watched the first Republican debate but won't be watching this one. I just can't listen to how they get away without having to actually answer the questions. I just hope they don't ask Carson about his memoir and the stories in it that cannot be proven to be true. We know how he'd answer it and get a chance to score again with the base who see him as their religious hero. They should ask him instead about the supplement he shilled for and how he denied he had any connection to them despite the videos... Or better yet, ask him about his policies. How would he balance the budget when he cuts taxes so much for the rich with no answer on how to pay for it? How about abortion? Gay marriage? Health care? He's thin on policies and at his level in the game there is no excuse for letting him get away with that. Does he also want more wars without an increase in taxes to pay for them? Does he really believe Jesus is giving him the right answers for what to do? etc. etc. He really does drive me nuts and even worse is how he gets away with it all while blaming someone else for even daring to question him. My guess is clinically he's a pathological liar and maybe worse.

    1. Now it's 10 minutes later and OMG Jeb Bush is explaining that they can't win the presidency with nonsense like deporting 11 million people... and he's sounding reasonable.

      Marco Rubio is so attractive.... well spoken... and my most terrifying candidate.

      Can't believe I'll be supporting Hillary in 2016.


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