Thursday, November 19, 2015

I Can't Help Myself!

I've tried, denizens.  I've really tried.  I must admit that I've failed.

I tried to make sense out of Ted Cruz's suggestion that we only allow Christian refugees across our borders.  I couldn't.

I tried to think about credit cards issued by airlines which will no longer allow everyday purchases to accrue points toward flights.  A brief foray into the mental machinations which allow me to feel justified buying not-really-necessary items by consigning the purchase to FlapJilly's Flight Fund Miles went just that far before ending with a thud.

There are rants about step-parenting and kids' basketball games which rattle around but get no traction.  There's the chip technology in everyone's credit cards when there is barely a merchant with the relevant software to use it... and I can't get worked up about it.  Not one little bit.

This is what I am thinking about:
 Running and Yelping (after finding her LOUD button) and Conquering the World.
I hope it gives you as much pleasure as it gives to me.


  1. I find that so annoying about the credit cards. All of my cards are being replaced, but many places don't even take the chipped cards. The ones that do, they are not open about and when you try and slide your card it will not go through. It HAS to go into the slot for the chip. Target now scans the chipped cards from the bottom of the kiosk. But when I try to do it at other places, I'm told it's not setup yet. I've had a chipped AMEX for almost two years.

    Don't get me started on Congress' refusal to allow non-Christians into this country. We are supposed to have a separation of church and state and yet they hold many of us hostage to their religious fervor. I'm so damn tired of so-called Christians telling the rest of us how to live. Now they are refusing to allow non-Christians in this country?! And there are plenty of "Christians' who could be terrorists and use their religion to torture the rest of us. How about we all be humanist and do what's right for our fellow-man?

    So tired of the right-wing fanaticals in this country.

    Have a great weekend.

    Megan xxx

    1. Ah, Megan, I am so glad that The Burrow gives you a chance to vent your spleen. Of course, I agree with everything you say...... I love listening to your rants <3


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