Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Shall We Judge the N-M Christmas Book?

Oh, why not?

It's not even Halloween and it's going to be over 100 degrees tomorrow and still Neiman-Marcus wants me to get in the Christmas Spirit.  Of course, their Christmas spirit includes a $530 Gucci leather handbag for tots
and a faux fur chair for sitting on the sidelines at your kids' soccer games.
At $125 it's fairly reasonable for the rest of the book.  On the other hand, my $15 collapsible chairs are still being used decades after my game watching days have ended.

I was able to skip over the $2500 and $3500 handbags; my canvas sack from BlogHer'15 is my go-to purse these days.

I'm always on the lookout for soft and warm headgear for my girl, and the smiley face balloon is emblematic of her sunny disposition.
However, my stash of $5/skein yarn will make two or three of these, thus saving me $245 on each hat.  Mine won't have faux fox fur, it's true, but she won't lose her mind if she misplaces one of mine.

The Fendi page was beautiful,
even with the $250 gloves (see above for "I've lost one" reaction) and the $700 skate sneakers.

Continuing the really??? theme, I'm not sure about the utility of a python and calfskin high top with dyed silver fox and nutria trim,
but my guess is that someone spending $3,200 on them is not going to be shooting hoops.

If fox fur upsets you, the burgundy one might intrigue you; it has a rooster feather.

The $750 Tom Ford trainers (I suppose at that price you need something fancier than sneakers)
are stunning and, were I an extravagant human I'd buy a pair for Brother, 
who wears nothing but sneakers.  
Unfortunately for him, I'm not.

I have to admire a store that includes books in its catalog. 

It offsets the discomfort I feel when I look at a $500 dog collar,
or a $500 basket of thongs.
I did find a few things that made me smile, in a this might be possible way.
These Toms boots come in at $98, and with fake fur they don't strike at my sensibilities.  Perhaps they will adorn Little Cuter's tootsies this winter.  After all, Toms were her shoes of choice at her wedding.

I like the $40 chrome ornament stand as a centerpiece for a holiday table
but that was all that fit my budget and my psyche.

I was looking for more, but I was stopped in my tracks by the His and Hers Fantasy Gifts.  ultimate children's costumes in Mackenzie-Childs trunks cost $5000 each.... but that's not what irks me the most.  I'm looking for Wonder Woman and Super Girl and Catwoman and Elektra... those princesses don't do anything but sit there and look pretty.
Then, again, that seems to be the theme of the entire book.


  1. Thanks for sharing the Christmas gift book. I must say, some of those prices are just outlandish! The Toms boots are very reasonable and totally in line with how much Toms cost (and they are worth every penny and are made well). But the rest of that stuff... Just think of all the people that $5k could feed or how toys could be bought for Toys for Tots with that money. Just blows my mind the price of some of those things and I do agree with the boys vs. girls costume. I mean really?! Girls are to sit there and look pretty and boys get to have the fun, hero costumes? No wonder our girls are so confused. They get so many messages to sit there, be quiet and demure like a princess and the boys get the message that's how girls should act and they get to be the heroes. Really irks me. And I can tell you that my little man has no qualms about putting on a dress. He used to wear his sister's Tinkerbell costume all the time.

    Thanks for sharing the catalog with us.

    Megan xxx

    1. I started at that picture for a looooooong time. Ugh!

  2. I wonder who has that kind of money to Christmas shop. I wish I could be on their list.

    1. Would you really want to know those people, Olga?

  3. Even if I had that kind of money I don't think I could spend it on such selfish extravagance. There's so much need that could be assuaged instead.


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