Monday, October 5, 2015

Mud Run, Tucson Style

Amster and the kids invited me to tag along.  
I was their gear holder and photographer and cheerleader.

I was there at the start
when they were in the tub
("Not cold at all!!" according to Mr. 10)
 near the army guys 
 who Amster thought were quite rude, using their size to advantage, 
but who Mr. 10 thought were wonderful.  
They stopped and helped him with the carry-the-buckets-filled-with-sand-through-the-mud obstacle.
"They were really nice, Mom.
Those buckets were really heavy."

It was that kind of an event, a little bit family

and a little bit fun .
There were teams in matching outfits
(Yes, they were superheroes)
and there were orange shirted monitors on foot and on bike, 
making sure everyone was having a great time.

Getting over the top of this A-Frame stymied some, but stumped none.
There was always someone to help.
Those two on either side of Mr. 10 (in the green shirt) weren't going anywhere until he was over.
They didn't know that he's totally competent, completely in control of his body and its capabilities.
They saw a little one and they stopped competing long enough to be sure he was safe.
Then, they were off.
I'm not sure that Mr. 10 even knew they were there, but they were.

Towards the end, there were monkey bars, 
which Amster completed, and on which Mr. 12 rang the bells.
The jump for the first rung was more than Mr. 10 could manage, but he was okay with that.
After all, you can't teach height.  Maybe next time....

At the end, there were bananas 
and Muscle Milk and medals
It was competitive - and don't you know that we stayed for the medal ceremony - but it was friendly.
There was a double header award for completing two Mud Runs in one calendar year.
We got those medals, too.
Only in Tucson would we think that 95 degrees is perfectly cool,
 but that's just what it was this Saturday.
They were perfectly cool, too.

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