Monday, October 26, 2015

Pumpkin Farm

We traveled (it was delayed, it was crowded, there's a lot of stupid in the world) and arrived after the baby was asleep.  We ate and drank and hugged SIR and Little Cuter and went to sleep so that the morning would come quickly.  I needed a baby hug, and tomorrow could not come soon enough.  
The day dawned, breakfast was eaten, a nap was taken, and then it was time for The Event of The Day: Kuipers' Pumpkin Farm.

Pumpkin farms in October are a chancy business - they can be over-crowded and run down.  Often the animals look desperate for a rescue.  

None of that was a problem for us this afternoon.  There were three parking lots filled with cars, and there was nary a crowd in sight.  There were families of all ethnicities, and children of all ages, including FlapJilly, arguably the most adorable human there.

She was too little to ride the ponies, but that didn't stop her from enjoying them.  

There was a palomino named Trigger, which made TBG smile.  

The whole thing was a source of giggles and chortles and squeals of delight for the littlest member of our troop.

FlapJilly was in charge, and we followed the pointing finger
to the Gourd Arbor. 
It was probably prettier when the gourds were still hanging, but FlapJillly didn't seem to mind.

There were piglet races and hay mazes and sand boxes filled with kernels of corn, 
but the most fun were the animals.
Here she is kissing the goat.
The goat was unimpressed, but FlapJilly was undaunted.
Her face was pressed against the fence, her arm was through the opening, and her squeals were delightful.

The sheep came out to meet her,
which made pulling its ear all the easier. 
These animals are obviously used to little kids.
The sheep stood there, patiently letting her explore.
It was a glorious afternoon,
with fall colors and warm temperatures
and the cutest little girl in the whole wide world.

I can't promise that this week's posts will be any more pithy.
There will be lots of photos, though.
I can't think about much beyond FlapJilly.


  1. Keep that last photo around, close by. In a few years you are going to cherish it even more. I have one like that with Leeya. It is very special. Never managed to get one with Judah. Maybe it's not too late. He's just four.

  2. She's walking! It's amazing how fast that happened.

  3. I love how kids are just discovering so much around them at this age. The amazement in their eyes and their giggles just warms my heart. I love that you share all these photos and her with us. Makes me miss my kids being younger. :(


    Megan xxx


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