Wednesday, October 28, 2015


In between the snuggles
there was decorating.

Babies can't use power tools
but Daddies can.
I'd never seen anyone use a power tool to open a pumpkin, 
but then again I'd never seen anyone use such perfect carving tools

He did a great job, but FlapJilly had just as much fun with her Crayola water based paints. 
I mention that they are water based so that you don't think she is permanently purple.
Once she figured out that the colors were for the pumpkin instead of for spreading on the plate, 
she took great delight in placing a delicate finger tip or two on her pint size pumpkin.
Little Cuter was a helpful assistant, covering the baby's palm with purple paint and placing it on one side.  It was less than successful, and the kid was less than thrilled, but Grandma had a great time laughing at them all.  I was careful to keep the clapping to a minimum, though.  FlapJilly is a great imitator and I didn't want the paint to go flying .

We got her dressed, again, and ate dinner and ran around the first floor and then it was time for bed.
But first, there had to be more hugging.
Life is pretty good right now.

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  1. Too much cuteness! I could just eat her up!

    Love all the pixs. Keep 'em coming.

    Megan xxx


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